Subtítulos en espańól para la serie Póquer de reinas (Hot in Cleveland) - S03E22



The girls go to a storage locker auction. While there someone recognizes Victoria from her commercial which thought would not be shown in the country and she feels humiliated. They buy the contents of a locker. And what they find is a letter which they think was written by Lincoln wherein he admits to an indiscretion. Victoria hopes by bringing it out it could offset what the commercial is doing to her. But Melanie warns her that this could offset everything Lincoln did. And Elka tinkers with a CB radio that's in the locker. Eventually Joy chats it up with someone and she makes him think she's more endowed than she really is. And when he comes to town and they agree to meet, she buys a bra that makes her more endowed.


Storage Wars
30 min


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