Subtítulos en espańól para la serie Nip/Tuck, a golpe de bisturí (Nip/Tuck) - S01E09



However hard sexy Kimber Henry tries to please Dr. Christian Troy, she's not the unborn woman who can hold on to his lust, let alone love, while Dr. Merril Bobolit has no hotter dream then a girl that beautiful and dumb, so they plan to 'trade' her for his Lamborghini and do a good job breaking him and her up, only even she can't love buffoon Merril for his money. Sean still has a hot affair with Megan O'Hara, but promises to dump her after accidentally confessing to Matt, thinking to be caught while the boy actually came to discuss whether Gods omniscience is enough reason to confess about Cara. Julia is made to believe by their jealous fellow college med-student Suzanne that her lover Jude, also her personal trainer, only does that work to find clients as call-boy; when she tells him to confess, he comes clean his British accent is fake, but she doesn't believe that's his only pretense. Patient Sophia Lopez is preparing for her sex-realignment operation, but the supportive anesthesiologist Liz confuses her so much in the last night before that she decides at the last minute to cancel the surgery till further notice. Kimber turns up at Christians place offering to have sex, apparently flattered she was traded for such an expensive sports car, but once she has him in cuffs...


Sofia Lopez II
44 min

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